Exhaust System

If you bring a car in for an oil change, we always check the exhaust system. This simple precaution can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

We do this to pre-test the clamps. If a clamp gives out while your vehicle is operating, this could lead to you requiring extensive exhaust system repairs. We always take extra time to check clamps on your muffler and pipes to save you an extra expense down the road.

But engine failure can still happen regardless. If you do require an exhaust system, we can always help you with that. Our mufflers come with a Lifetime Warranty.


One of the top reasons accidents happen is due to brake failure. This is a scary fact and a good reason to always have your brakes checked in advance. Here at Bowens, we are brake specialists.

If you come in for a brake inspection, we will check:
  • Pads and shoes for wear
  • Drums and rotors for wear
  • Wheel cylinders and calipers for leaks
  • Hydraulic lines and hoses for leaks, kinds and blockages
  • Fluid in the master cylinder for level and condition.

If you check your brakes regularly this will save you money and hassle in the long run. If work is needed, we will give you a choice of parts. A better grade of materials could be a better bargain as they last longer- but it’s up to you.


You might notice a few things when you first start to be concerned about your cars suspension.

You might notice:
  • Roll or sway on turns
  • Front end “drives” when breaking
  • Rear end “squats” when accelerating
  • Excessive bouncing or sideways slides on rough roads
  • Your vehicle “bottoming out”

When you take it in to see us, we will look for:
  • Leaks on housing
  • Dents on the strut or shock body
  • Worn rubber mounting bushings
  • Abnormal tire wear
  • Damaged compression bumpers
  • Damaged protective boots

If you feel concerned about your car, always contact us at (905) 662-1405. One check-up can prevent an accident from occurring.